Ailluminate – an AI Workshop for nonprofits
Ailluminate – an AI Workshop for nonprofits
Seva Charitable Trust of New Zealand is pleased to co-host this workshop - Ailluminate


Exploring the Impact of Artificial Intelligence and Digital Technology in the Non-Profit Sector. Registrations are open.

In a year dominated by discussions surrounding Artificial Intelligence (AI), its influence on various aspects of our lives has been a major headline. At Matakite Online Trust, we recognize the significance of this development and are excited to delve into its potential impact on the non-profit sector.

If you’ve been following the trends, AI’s presence and implications have been hard to miss. Governments, corporations, and educational institutions have all engaged in conversations about how AI will shape their domains. Now, it’s our turn to explore the intersection of AI, machine learning, and digital inclusion within the realm of non-profit and charitable work.

Join us on October 26th in Auckland, where we are bringing together a panel of esteemed experts to shed light on the implications of digital technology advancements within our sector.

Have you considered the ramifications of these changes for your constituents, members, and the beneficiaries you serve? How will this affect future generations? What employment shifts can we expect? To address these questions and more, we’ve curated a series of five significant themes for the seminar:

  • Unpacking Artificial Intelligence and its Implications
  • Navigating the Impact of Digital Technology on Social Cohesion
  • Harnessing Algorithms to Mitigate Hate Speech and Bias
  • The Digital Identity Project: Impacts and Insights for Our Constituents
  • Exploring Transformative Tools and Applications Benefitting Our Community

Event Details:

Date: October 26th

Time: 9:30 am – 3:00 pm

Venue: Sandringham, Auckland (exact venue details shall be mailed to you post your registration)

Who Should Attend?

This event is tailored for individuals who are eager to learn and contribute to meaningful discussions, regardless of their level of digital expertise. Whether you’re a community leader, an influencer, a committed learner, a non-profit volunteer, a governance member, or simply someone who envisions a brighter future, your perspective is invaluable. We extend our warm welcome to all, including those with a skeptical outlook.

Registration Information:

To secure your spot, a nominal deposit of $35.00 is required. Your attendance is an investment in fostering dialogue and understanding within our sector. In appreciation of your commitment, we offer the option to have your deposit reimbursed after attending or consider it a generous contribution towards event catering.

Scan the QR code in the above picture or click the link below to register for the event. 

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